A wondrous and sinister blade that serves as prison for the great demon Ostregoth

weapon (melee)

The demon blade’s power is so savage that most who wield it dare not draw upon its full power. It has two main versions – one being near its full strength and the other being a much tamer version of the blade. Its true power can only be unleashed by surrendering to it utterly, giving it your body, heart and soul.

+3 Magic Longsword
Deals +1d12 Infernal damage on a hit
Whenever you attack with this blade, take infernal damage equal to half your healing surge value.

+5 Magic Longsword
Deals +2d12 Infernal damage on a hit
Whenever you attack with this blade, you loose one healing surge and take damage equal to your healing surge value. Additionally, a tiny sliver of your soul is consumed by Ostregoth.

In this state, the previous versions are available but are +4 and +6 respectively and the infernal damage doubles. The DCs to will saves against the demon’s ‘suggestions’ also goes up to 100 – requiring a natural 20 for the player to regain control of his or her body. This state can only be entered into willingly by the player.

In addition to the above properties, the blade maintains the intelligence of Ostregoth and can communicate telepathically with its wielder. It can impart its will extremely forcefully, only the most willful characters, usually of opposing alignments, can resist its ‘suggestions’. Furthermore, whenever an enemy is killed by the blade the wielder can sear the victim’s soul – sending it to demon’s abode in the elemental chaos. Finally, if a wielder of the blade dies while in its Unleashed or Demonic version – Ostregoth will raise them as a Dreadknight… A mighty infernal deathknight utterly under its control, using the Demonic version of the blade.

Ostregoth has taken a liking to Pieter, having sampled some of his exquisite soul and viewing the new Pieter with something close to approval what with the transformation wrought on him by his brief experience in Char. The demon blade will accept no other wielder while Pieter is an option.



Evertide Ortheos