Azrael's Presence

The presence of Azrael within a living vessel grants many abilities to the individual he inhabits


While Azrael’s presence glows within an individual, the following effects are in place…

Scion of Truth
Gain +2 to Perception and Insight as the spirit of Azrael increases your awareness and ability to discern the truth of your surroundings. Additionally, you are unable to speak falsehoods.

Student of the Tapestry
Gain +1 to all attack rolls of powers using using the arcane or divine power source. Couatls are divine serpents attuned to the mysteries of magic and deepen your connection to these forces that shape the universe.

Soul of the Righteous
Gain a new Daily ability that can copy any of your existing Daily powers. The spirit of Azrael is a bastion of great power, and a harmonious host can channel this power to great effect.

Furthermore, Azrael’s Presence creates a spiraling many-colored couatl ‘tatoo’ that winds around the vessel’s forearm to glow softly with an inner light. The vessel’s eyes also turn silver (an oddity considering the rainbow wings and colors of most couatl).


Azrael's Presence

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