A sultry and surprisingly ethical succubus


Tyranny is Pieter’s consort and he is sworn to protect her from harm. Lovely, competent and surprisingly noble – Tyranny is running from the infernal powers she disobeyed in order to serve her sense of right and wrong. An eternity of torture awaits her if ever the powers chasing her drag her within their grasp… Leading her to call in a favor from Estra, resulting in her being placed in the Warlord Pieter’s protection.

Estra has proven herself a competent and valuable member of the party, saving Captain Winslow’s corpse from the Silverferns’ attack (which allowed him to be resurrected unlike the other members of the Waverider’s crew), protecting their minds from the alterations of the timeline made by the Silverferns in the events of “It’s About Time” and providing insight into many arcane matters throughout the adventures. While she rarely speaks without prompting, she possesses centuries of knowledge in many matters and can always be counted on to provide something of value.



Evertide Ortheos