Torin Silverfern

The spoiled son of Harken Silverfern, heir to the Silverfern dynasty


Spoiled and shrewd, Torin is not as dangerous as his father because he hasn’t had to hone his gifts for manipulation the way his father has. However, Torin is insightful, charismatic and absolutely brilliant. The common word among the merchants is a sigh of relief that Torin does not quite share his father’s tenacious ambition for ever-more wealth – simply enjoying living the luxurious life. If this was to change, he would be a formidable force – perhaps eclipsing even his father’s formidable talents.

Torin first met the heroes in a display of bravado in which he, Marc and Apollo engaged in a drinking game which Torin barely lost. This was the conflict that triggered the heroes’ growing clash with the merchant clan.


Torin Silverfern

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