The Archlich Belial

An ancient archlich of inconcievable knowledge and power


The Archlich Belial is an ancient and wise mage, an unliving legend. Though he has never been heard of directly, his nature as an Archlich is reason enough for him to be legend. The fact he is also the former mentor of Zhengyi the Lich King and the unwilling vehicle for the undead tyrant’s rise to power adds even more to his impact.

Belial first met the heroes when they attempted to infiltrate his home, Castle Perilous. Having been awakened by the meddling of several children but still bound to the premises – Belial began searching for his phylactery, the means by which he had been controlled by his treacherous pupil. It had fallen out of his hands and been found by a guard who handed it to the warlock Hurt. Delivered to him unwittingly by the heroes, he took it back and proceeded to work with them in order to help bring down the Balor threatening all of Caile with its undead army. After preforming a number of favors for the heroes, including resurrecting them all and lending them an ally – a necrotic ooze named Gurgle – the demon was finally banished. Now Belial waits in Castle Perilous once more.


The Archlich Belial

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