The Ambassador dePuee

A self-important, obfuscating case of bureaucratic inbreeding at its finest


The Ambassador dePuee is a diplomatic incident waiting to happen. Formerly King Calleway’s most irritating aide, the king sent him off to Syvax with the heroes in order to act as the (hopefully silent) face of Caile and use his gifts at obfuscation where they would do the most good – politics. However, dePuee’s inflated self-importance by his new post moved him from irritating to absolutely unmanageable and nearly managed to undermine the case against Galifar as well as passing out drunk in an alley and losing his ambassador identification all in the same day… His first day.

dePuee first met the heroes in his capacity as an aide to King Calleway – whereupon he came under the impression that the wizard Brandis was attempting to woo the paladin king. He is no longer under that impression, as Brandis used his magic to wipe the impression from dePuee’s mind.


The Ambassador dePuee

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