Mercant Adelbern

An honest merchant with an impeccable service record, though poor judgment when it comes to deals with devils


Adelbern is an honest traveling merchant far famed for his impeccable reputation transporting both his goods and those of his clients. His own competitors have often charted space on his caravans and ships – knowing that not the tiniest scratch will blemish their merchandise despite their opposed business interests. Gruff but honest, Adelbern is nothing if not reliable.

Adelbern first met the heroes when hiring extra protection for his caravan after agreeing to ship a devil’s goods with his soul as collateral if the goods were damaged. While the heroes were unable to prevent the goods from being damaged, they were able to retrieve Adelbern’s soul as well as the souls of many other unfortunates and banish the ice devil behind all these machinations from the world. This earned them Adelbern’s undying respect and gratitude.


Mercant Adelbern

Evertide Ortheos