Lennard Crow

A deadly blade with one eye lost to a savage wound, Lennard Crow is a force to be reckoned with


Lennard Crow is one of the founding members of the Blood Crows and seen as the ‘big brother’ in the cozy familial relationship between Bloody Bruce, Beatrice deBaroness and he. A skilled fighter and stealthy assassin, Lennard is quick-witted and a better than decent strategist. He excels at getting the job done and getting the job done right.

Lennard first met the party during the events of Flock of Crows, where they elegantly took care of his business with the baron for him and obligingly killed some of the more unsavory elements of his band. He has pledged that the Blood Crows will be at the party’s disposal if ever they have the need.


Lennard Crow

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