King Calleway

A legendary platinum dragonborn paladin, slayer of Zhengyi and King of Caile


The legendary king of Caile, Calleway has a good heart and the wisdom of experience. In guiding his people, he has never let his zealous ideals interfere with the compromises necessary to achieve the best possible life for the people under his rule. Despite being one of Bahamaut’s most devout paladins, he has welcomed other religions into Caile and always been merciful when in a court of law – waving away the cries from the priesthood to unleash “Bahamut’s justice”… Which would of course see many people’s heads separated from their shoulders. Perhaps most notably, Calleway has long focused on the defense and preservation of Caile rather than what many in the church have called for – the extermination of all the undead remaining from the time of Zhengyi.

In this way, Calleway’s perhaps greatest opposition and most severe headache is the very church he follows so devoutly. He understands the value of Bahamut’s ideals and holds them close, and he is the personification of them on the battlefield. However, in day to day ruling he understands the necessity of compromise and pragmatism when it comes to ruling a kingdom sustainably.

Calleway first met the heroes when they docked in Caile and were brought to him, recommended for his scouting needs. He sent them on a mission to discover the source behind the undead army while he stayed behind to lead the battles in defense of Caile.


King Calleway

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