Harken Silverfern

The head of the Silverfern merchant family, Harken never lets his search for profits be constrained by petty morality


Harken Silverfern is the patriarch of the Silverferns – possessing near complete authority in all their affairs though he rarely micromanages operations. A brilliant mind for dealmaking, finance, business strategy and judging character – Harken worked from a very young age to build the Silverfern family into something truly powerful; from local merchants to becoming the greatest mercantile power of Turenevad. He has let nothing interfere with his goals, certainly not petty concerns of morality. It has been said that even devils would think twice before entering a bargain with him.

Harken Silverfen first met the heroes briefly when they activated a scrying crystal from the Dryad Harvesting Opperation’s campsite. It took only a scattered sentence or two to realize just what had occurred; whereupon he terminated the connection and any trace the crystal bore to the Silverferns.


Harken Silverfern

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