An infernal information broker dwelling in Syvax, this succubus is not to be trifled with.


Masquerading as a lovely eladrin, Estra has become the uncrowned queen of Syvax’s information trade. Little is known about her other than her reputation of being able to find any secret and sell it at a profit. It is rumored she knows things that would startle even the most learned scholars and the most paranoid politicians. When it comes to the shadowy dealings of back-alley secrets, there are few as influential as she.

Estra first met the party when she traded the incredibly valuable evidence necessary to demonstrate Galifar’s complicity in the orc and goblin raids on Caile. However, it came not without a price. In addition to Pieter agreeing to enter into an informal alliance with Estra, he also agreed to fulfill one blanket favor that did not require he lose his soul or kill anyone he wouldn’t already wish to. After the agreement bound them, she leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “You must take an infernal consort and protect her with your life.”



Evertide Ortheos