Bloody Bruce

Bruce is an exceptionally intelligent and merciful hill giant, throwing aside the tendencies of his brutish breed.


Despite his savage moniker, Bloody Bruce is a rather peaceful soul on principle though more than ready to crack a skull if he thinks the situation demands it. Bruce never goes looking for a fight, leading to Lennard’s insistence that they come up with an imposing moniker to counteract these pacifistic tendencies, hence the name, “Bloody Bruce”. He joined with Lennard to help form the Blood Crows, a small but successful mercenary organization.

Bruce first met the party when guarding a bridge to keep all the guests on the estate in Flock of Crows – the memorable series of events that led to the exposure of a viciously corrupt baron of Caile and his eventual execution. He looks upon Lennard Crow and the newly appointed Beatrice deBaroness as his brother and sister.

It is also worth noting that he defeated Drevan in chess but subsequently lost in a game of ping-pong.


Bloody Bruce

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