Beatrice deBaroness

A quick-minded woman with a quicker blade, Beatrice is a clever, ruthless and resourceful woman new to her noble title


A former victim of the repugnant Baron whose title she claimed, Beatrice worked her way up in the criminal elements from a homeless woman lost on her wedding night with her beloved murdered to a skilled thief and assassin operating from the shadows of an organization called The Blood Crows, befriending Bloody Bruce and Lennard Crow along the way.

Beatrice first met the party when attempting to execute her revenge against the corrupt baron who raped her and murdered her beloved. The heroes not only allowed her to carry out her vengeance, they convicted the man legitimately in a court of law and provided the opportunity for her to kill him publicly with the full backing of the law – then claim his estate and title as her own to begin working towards the reparations of his cruel reign. She has expressed her undying gratitude to the heroes for their efforts on her behalf.


Beatrice deBaroness

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