The spirit of Azrael, a great and noble couatl nearly as old as the astral sea.


Azrael is an ancient couatl spirit nearly as old as the astral sea. Powerful and wise, he was at one time the Exarch of He With No Name – the unbelievably powerful good deity killed by the treachery of Asmodeus near the beginning of time. Azrael fell in love with a mortal woman, a consort to the wicked death god Nerull. The jealous god of the dead wrestled with Azrael and eventually imprisoned him within the scrying mirror where he was trapped for eons… Only slowly gaining in power and consciousness. It is thought this act is what triggered Nerull’s consort to usurp control over the souls in his domain – destroying her once deity lover and donning the mantle of The Raven Queen.

Azrael is strong, wise and noble… Content to watch and adopt the role of mentor while dwelling within Brandis’ form. The only time he has yet lost his celestial composure is when faced with a potential reunion with the Raven Queen. It seems difficult to imagine how awkward such a reunion might be.

Azrael first met the party when being awakened by the wizard Brandis in Flock of Crows. He was channeled into Brandis’ body – giving him many new abilities as well as a glowing couatl tattoo on his forearm and turning the wizard’s eyes silver. Additionally, the spirit’s presence has made it impossible for Brandis to lie.



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