Akar Quetzal

The Sand Lord of the Eastern Flats


Akar Quetzal was a general under the former Sorcerer King Kahl Ma-To. He held a far lesser command than most on account of his irreverence in respect to the former Sorcerer King and complete disregard for established battle tactics in preference of his own invented maneuvers which nearly always equaled and usually outdid the standard tactics. His disregard for the accepted power structures kept him low ranked with few men under his command – all of whom were incredibly loyal to him… His incredible competence the only thing that saved him from being dismissed together.

However, when the Sorcerer Kings were slain Akar Quetzal was able to seize his moment. Though he was outnumbered a hundred to one in respect to the larger military forces vowing to claim control of Kahl Ma-To’s domain – Akar Quetzal’s brilliant tactics and incredibly loyal followers methodically brought their enemies to their knees. Rumors began that Quetzal must somehow be Mah-To in disguise or reincarnated, for surely only one of the mighty Sorcerer Kings could prove so overwhelmingly victorious against such impossible odds.

Let off his leash and free to run his own campaign Akar Quetzal utterly destroyed his opposition, seizing total control of Mah-To’s old territory and even beyond it through sheer tactical brilliance and inspiring leadership. Akar Quetzal now claims the throne of Mah-To and has effortlessly crushed every attempt to overthrow his rule. Though he controls merely 11% of Athas’ territory, one third of each of the two largest areas controlled by the ‘successors’ to the claims of the two greatest of former Sorcerer Kings, the rulers of neighboring territories live in perpetual anxiety that he might set his sights on them next.


Akar Quetzal

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