• Akar Quetzal

    Akar Quetzal

    The Sand Lord of the Eastern Flats
  • Azrael


    The spirit of Azrael, a great and noble couatl nearly as old as the astral sea.
  • Beatrice deBaroness

    Beatrice deBaroness

    A quick-minded woman with a quicker blade, Beatrice is a clever, ruthless and resourceful woman new to her noble title
  • Bernie the Fire Elemental

    Bernie the Fire Elemental

    A secretly lonely fire elemental forged into an elemental ring
  • Bloody Bruce

    Bloody Bruce

    Bruce is an exceptionally intelligent and merciful hill giant, throwing aside the tendencies of his brutish breed.
  • Captain Winslow

    Captain Winslow

    One of the finest captains on the Aurianis sea
  • Estra


    An infernal information broker dwelling in Syvax, this succubus is not to be trifled with.
  • Hardtack


    A gritty pirate dock-worker and co-founding member of the Aurixan Poet's Society
  • Harken Silverfern

    Harken Silverfern

    The head of the Silverfern merchant family, Harken never lets his search for profits be constrained by petty morality
  • High Lord Tevinter

    High Lord Tevinter

    The young lord of the high council, Tevinter posseses wisdom beyond his years
  • Jiselle


    Walk softly and carry a big sword
  • Joaquin Kristo

    Joaquin Kristo

    A most entertainingly odd mage
  • King Calleway

    King Calleway

    A legendary platinum dragonborn paladin, slayer of Zhengyi and King of Caile
  • Lennard Crow

    Lennard Crow

    A deadly blade with one eye lost to a savage wound, Lennard Crow is a force to be reckoned with
  • Mercant Adelbern

    Mercant Adelbern

    An honest merchant with an impeccable service record, though poor judgment when it comes to deals with devils
  • Old Man Winthrop

    Old Man Winthrop

    A crotchety old legend who battled Zhengyi with King Calleway
  • Pun-Pun


  • Scarlet


    A very shy and timid red dragon named scarlet who's afraid of heights.
  • The Ambassador dePuee

    The Ambassador dePuee

    A self-important, obfuscating case of bureaucratic inbreeding at its finest
  • The Archlich Belial

    The Archlich Belial

    An ancient archlich of inconcievable knowledge and power
  • Torin Silverfern

    Torin Silverfern

    The spoiled son of Harken Silverfern, heir to the Silverfern dynasty
  • Tyranny


    A sultry and surprisingly ethical succubus
  • Zze Character-Building Backgrounds

    Zze Character-Building Backgrounds

    For those players who are interested in a litte inspiration to flavor their character's backstory