Through a Dark Laboratory (Epic Clear)


The heroes were on their way to the Laboratory Arcane when they encountered Halfling rouge. They were camped out one night when the rouge, Jade, attempted to swipe their gold—instead, though she nearly took Kindulas’s life, she was recruited to the group by Jiselle—though the rest of the party decided she would best be coerced into the group for no share in their gold. They had promised Jiselle enough as is.

When they arrived in the city of Heron’s Gate they wasted no time in getting to their destination. The gates of the Laboratory Arcane were impressive, but upon entering the establishment, the party found it surprisingly dark. And quiet. And littered with cloven corpses. But before they had noticed that little detail they were many paces into the entrance hall, and as the gates closed suddenly behind them, not even Jade could escape in time. Except Jiselle seemed to be gone. As they tried to figure out what was going on, a metallic voice rang through the hall, explaining that their doom was certain.

The only way was forward to the teleporter at the back of the hall, and one by one they went through; one way or another. They found themselves—predictably—inside an arcane research lab; one where their test subjects had run amuck. After a fierce battle with lizards and a drake made of lightning-charged blood, nearly getting their paladin baked in an oven, passing a staircase, finding epic magical explosives, an immensely powerful blasting wand, being kindly asked to die by the metallic voice “so that [it] may learn about life,” finding healing potions (one of which was contaminated), magical boomerang blades and 3 wands of wonder, the group was chased into a massive room by a huge demonic vulture which nearly took Kindulas’s spine if it weren’t for Jade’s heroics (making up for nearly killing him before), only to find themselves faced with a massive snake, upon whose head they dropped an acidic, gaseous chandelier, detonated said gas and then used a wand of wonder to drop an elephant on its head, only to have it grow back two more heads and prompt the party to run from the acidic protean hydra. Then they (like you, reading that sentence) were finally allowed to catch their breath.

They then found a dying elf who turned out to be the assistant enchanter. Pulling him back to a stabilized condition, they asked, first, for a way out. He mentioned a staircase, which was now out of the question considering what they had run from. However, he did explain that the metallic voice was a creature named Zotec, who had before been a mindless mining tool until it somehow acquired sentience and slaughtered the entire staff in an effort to discover the definition of life. The elf also explained that they were studying the essence of death, and under no circumstances were they to open the door marked by a Raven.

Taking heed to his advice, the group pressed on, avoiding the Raven door (though a certain mind crawler nearly made otherwise), the group entered the lair of Zotec. The door opened to a small—ten feet across—bridge over water, which after a short way led into a throne room of sorts. Upon the throne sat what appeared to be a massive metal golem, except its lower torso was that of a spider (still metallic, mind you). After dropping half the party and being only significantly damaged by Kindulas’ blasting wand and Grey’s ability to make it attack itself, Kindulas ran to its throne, from which it had moved significantly, and grabbed at one of the levers attached to the throne—switching off the lights. While this revealed by a fain glow that Zotec was charged with psionic energy, the real magic was when Rishi, Kindulas’ taking cat familiar, pulled another lever and gained control of the facilities water, dragging Zotec down under the bridge with a watery paw. Another lever was pulled by Jade, and the beast was flushed down into molten earth.



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