A Reasonable Doubt


Upon dispatching the mighty Zotec, the heroes staggered out of the facility and into a row of aimed bows. Jiselle had accordingly teleported out and ran for help—but got them arrested instead. After all, their story was fairly unbelievable, and flushing the metal drider didn’t help with proving its existence. Not to mention the fact that no one was willing to go back in and check after Mikal went on and on about the crazy monsters let loose. So ultimately, they were blamed for the mass slaughter of the staff—especially once the one survivor yelled and screamed that it was their fault, in an attempt to not sound crazy himself.

Despite their amazing, cookie munching lawyer (who got Rishi addicted to catnip) and a valiant escape attempt in which they opted not to kill anyone, the group found themselves at the gallows—the price for making it valiantly through an impossible situation.

As final words, Jade stated calmly that she had “deserted her ranks to avoid committing genocide, only to die for another man’s crimes.” The other three, clearly less at peace, went on to make various threats. Grey claimed that, as a shade, if they stuck him down he would become more powerful than they could possibly imagine, and Mikal swore that Olladra would invite misery upon them. Kindulas said he was heir to a powerful fey family, who would undoubtedly track down the origin of his death and take vengeance against his killers. It almost seemed to work, but the nooses tightened nonetheless, and the end had come.

Almost. An important looking woman walked up to the judge and whispered into her ear. After great deliberation and a near injured lip, the judge signaled for the hero’s release. Just then a vision entered the heroes’ eyes, a vision of the Eladrin Psion, who said simply that she couldn’t have them die yet.

Still exhausted, that night the party was visited by this vision of the Psion again, and were cordially invited to tea in the clearing depicted by their vision. Mikal was vehemently against the idea of going to her, and opted to purchase anti-scrying devices and run. Kindulas, never having dealt with as much stress in his entire life combined as in the last 72 hours, was running on a one track mind: she was offering him answers, maybe even a legitimate proposition. Jade decided that it was futile to run and that they best make a stand, and Grey decided to go along with the party. Mikal, outvoted, decided he would also stick with the group—they seem to have bonded from their harrowing exploits. Kind of.

Upon meeting with the Psion, or projected image thereof, she explained she wanted new test subjects, and summoned an array of monstrous humanoids, both escorts and examples of what was to be made of them. The Psion disappeared and the monsters closed in, but after hesitating, kidnapped only Mikal. Outrun, the group began checking tracks when they were approached in the wilderness by an attractive man who offered them each 10,000 gold to rescue their paladin.



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